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Bardos Band celebrate the turning of the Year with musical mirth and melancholy, intimacy and fanfare. They breathe life into the festivities of the middle ages, through intimate song and vibrant instrumental music.

"The playing is faultless, and the balance between voice, Austen-Brown's melodic leads, Arngeir Hauksson's lute family instruments, Jon Banks' harp and dulcimer and Corinna Silverster's subtly understated percussion is spot-on.  Highly recommended." Meic Goodyear, Lute Society

CD for £12 inc p&p within the UK


A collection of stunning love songs and instrumental dances from 12th - 15th century Europe by Medieval Music and Dance Theatre group Daughters of Elvin.  

"Daughters of Elvin play music that quickens the heart and gladdens the soul." Brian Froud- conceptual design and folklorist

CD for £11 inc. p&p within the UK
Also available as mp3 from Amazon £7.49


Rosa Mundi

Italian and English Lutesongs from the beginning of the 17th century.

This exciting duo breathe life into the music of a gentler age, with a subtle and feminine touch. In this new c.d. they explore the exquisite music that bridges the English Renaissance and Italian Baroque styles in and intimate and atmospheric recording.

CD for £11 inc. p&p within the UK


Bardos Band performs mesmerising European songs and powerful instrumental dance music from the 11th to 15th centuries, infused with the flavours of Celtic, Balkan, Sephardic and Middle-Eastern traditions.

"There were so many good tunes! The vocal and choral arrangements... and the instrumental virtuosity was stunning." The Recorder Magazine

CD for £11 inc. p&p within the UK

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